Diversity and Inclusion Consulting


First, and foremost, we are putting together an enhanced strategy for the launch of our diversity program.  The most rewarding extension of the Inspired Global Resources partnership we are constructing has been the remarkable opportunity to develop and manage an effective Executive Diversity Program for our key corporate, institutional, and government clients as an outsourced service.

As the global workforce is rapidly evolving, businesses must become more diverse and globally nimble to compete.  Leading companies want diversity in management to add perspective and effectiveness as their employee base becomes increasingly more diverse.  While there has been encouraging growth in minority professionals in the workplace, many organizations are struggling with diversity at the executive level – and promoting diversity at the executive level is our mission.  We believe that our mission will encourage substantial funding from foundations and organizations that want to promote diversity specifically at the executive level.

Inspired Global Diversity will be a not for profit organization.  Initial funding will come from various donors, including the Advantage Co, Capax Discovery, Tony Walker & Co, and Walker Global Finance.  For more information, contact Glenys Wynn.


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